”With Salesforce we could improve our customer focus, align processes to help anticipate customer needs and put the right capabilities around the customers and the sales team”

– Zulfugar Babayev –
General Manager
In today’s world of rapid innovation and continuous growth of cloud technology, it is important to stay agile and technologically competitive. In order to achieve that, the choice of Aztech was Salesforce, a leading cloud CRM solution worldwide.
Aztech faced the need to be more focused on sales processes and get deeper level of understanding of its customers in individual markets, to provide products that meet the requirements more closely than ever before.
Salesforce now touches all the dimension of the company, speeding up the processes in product and project management, sales, support, and operations — to keep up-to-date on competitive information and potential customers. Information and data travels more quickly and with full visibility.
With Salesforce, all of Aztech Employees in different divisions can easily collaborate to solve issues or share leads. Company is now able to capture growth by not losing orders, capturing chances to upsell, and by identifying collaborative and cross-selling opportunities across brands.