Passfold App

Tickets and passes are digitally in your pocket
with ability to manage, transfer and share instantly.


Coding is what we enjoy the most

Nubessom holds a team of certified
Salesforce developers, who creates both in-house and
on demand applications for your business.

The Passfold App Is One Of Our Greatest Achievements

What is Passfold?

Passfold serves mobile ticketing concept and simplifies venue entry process utilizing QR code technology. With Passfold we introduce MULTI-PLATFORM mobile alternative to traditional paper passes. Application represents virtual storage for tickets and passes purchased online and gives wide opportunities to manage them.

Why Passfold?

Passfold is designed to be entertaining, dynamic and user-friendly application. Main objective is to provide event organizers, ticket resellers and distributors, airlines, stadiums and other similar entities with the tool that allows seamless pass distribution, event information update and convenient entry process. Where end customers can benefit from faster and smarter way to get the passes right at their mobile.

Value Proposition

For Pass/Ticket Issuers or Resellers

  • Greater operational efficiency

  • Reduced sales channel costs

    Ticket printing/mailing
    Ticket selling infrastructure

  • Improve customer experience

  • Increase ticket outreach and boost revenue and profit

  • Direct customer communication channel

For End Users

  • Convenience and flexibility

  • Tickets anywhere, anytime

  • Ticket/pass management

  • No long lines and queues

  • No hassle of holding on to a paper ticket

  • Event & venue information updates

  • Fun of social sharing

“Passfold – Your Virtual Pass To The Real World.”

Team Members
Days to make
Git Branches
Lines of code

Multi-platform Application

Take you passes with you no matter what platform you are using, iOS or Android

Transfer pass possibility

If pass issuer allows pass transfer for the particular event pass holder can transfer to any other Passfold user.

Pass Custom Design

Pass issuer can build unique look for their tickets, passes and QR codes.

Passfold Connect API

Gives pass issuer a full control over the passes and possibility to update pass information on the go.


Pass holder gets an instant notification about events updates, in case time, date, gate, venue address, etc. changes.

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