GDPReady App

GDPR Compliance Lifecycle For Salesforce

• Personal Data Configuration
• Data Subject Requests Process Management
• Data Subject Validation and Data Mapping

GDPReady solution is native Salesforce App, designed for Companies, looking to digitalise and automate GDPR related processes and stay compliant.


Handling Subject Access Requests (SARs) effectively and within the legal time frame remains a challenge for many organizations, especially where SARs are becoming increasingly onerous.

A missed or incomplete response to a SAR can trigger the regulatory scrutiny you most wish to avoid. Even with best of breed data security and data protection technologies and processes in place, one missed response can open you up to litigation, penalties, and reputational risk. It will take a team to make sure each one is responded to in an accurate, complete, and friendly way in less than thirty days.


GDPReady provides organisations with the ability to tailor a branded web form – linked from the company’s privacy policy web page, receive Data Subject requests, validate the identity, and automatically file an extension if the one-month deadline is approaching. When the request is fulfilled, the organisation must securely transmit the data to the individual, link it to the underlying data map to efficiently fulfil the request, and generate the proper documentation and evidence should a regulator inquire about the request.

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Data Subject Request Process Management

Capture data subject contact information, details of the request, when and how the request was completed, and your response to the request. Provides full visibility to monitor the volume of requests, fulfilment and approval status, and any aging requests.

  • Data Access Request (Right to Access – Article 15)

Specify specific personal data from Salesforce and make it accessible to data subjects via intake web form, without exposing business information.

  • Data Edit Request (Right to rectification – Article 16)

Data subjects can request that a controller correct or complete personal data if the data is inaccurate or incomplete.

  • Data Erasure Request (Right to be forgotten – Article 17)

Setup data erasure process to automated or manual cycle. Based on your data model, combine deletion and anonymisation at the record or field level.

  • Data Portability Request        (Article 20)

Extract personal data in different formats, e.g. CSV, JSON and others, excluding your company's business specific information.

GDPReady Features and Capabilities

Personal Data Configuration

Data Controller is able to configure personal data of data subjects, kept by the company, according to organisation’s policies and procedures by using Data Configurator tools.

Access Request Intake Web Form

Customisable Online Identification Form that will be used to identify Data Subject by information provided can be integrated into your websites with a single line of code.

Data Subject Validation and Mapping

Automatically validate Data Subject’s identity through internal database, API Integrations or customer service processes.

Online Personal Data Management Portal

Secure Data Subject web Portal that covers data delivery to Data Subject and manages interaction. Portal provides a standardised way for privacy programs to receive requests, and manage them in a centralised manner.

Reporting and Dashboards

Best in class Salesforce analytics  and visual representation of trends, compliance and requests analysis.