Salesforce Managed Services implementation for a top e-commerce marketing platform provider

Yotpo is based in 8 cities across the globe including Tel Aviv, New York, London, Sydney and Toronto.

Company’s mission is to provide brands with everything they need to create winning customer experiences, from discovery to purchase using the most advanced solutions for email and SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC.

Project overview


The main challenge of the project was to Implement extensive changes in a complex Salesforce environment to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.


We provided managed services for the complex Salesforce, offering comprehensive support and expertise to optimize system performance and ensure smooth operations.

As a result, the following Salesforce implementations were made:

We implemented Salesforce flows to allocate and route lead and customer portfolios, promoting cross-sales and crediting partner referrers. Various notifications enabled seamless collaboration among teams, driving revenue growth and fostering a culture of recognition and reward.

We handled the implementation and maintenance of the new versions of Salesforce Support Chat with the initial activity automated by the product specific Einstein Bots. Einstein Bots handled collecting data about the existing issue and created support ticket records before giving the control over the chat to the issue and product specific Support Agent.

We successfully developed new and maintained existing complex Lightning Web Components that handle essential front-end business interactions in the Salesforce Partner and Customer Communities.

Successfully implemented a user behavior analysis tool on the customer portal in Salesforce, specifically to increase marketing campaign efficiency. Leveraged advanced tracking and analytics capabilities to gain insights into customer interactions, preferences, and engagement patterns. Utilized the data to optimize marketing campaigns, and improve targeting strategies, resulting in increased campaign effectiveness, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI.

Implemented a support hub sharing system that allows to establish partner networks and access the partner knowledge by accessing existing cases. We created a system for dynamic record sharing based on the user interactions in the LWC and mapping object trigger. System handles the creation of the mapping object records, creation and deletion of record sharing based on the linkage of the mapping object and user status.

We designed and developed a system for dynamic activity tracking on the Community Pages which records the user session and user actions (e.g. opened pages, clicked buttons) during that session. The system also handles mapping and recording of the various marketing campaign related URL parameters that enhance the quality of future analysis of the user activity.

Maintained, modified and improved the existing code base on the regular basis.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of case assignment rules, examining existing processes and user requirements to provide a solid foundation for process modification.

Successfully implemented screen flow modifications in Salesforce to guide service processes. Enhanced the user experience by incorporating intuitive and step-by-step navigation, providing contextual guidance and prompts to streamline service processes and improve customer satisfaction.

We optimized the data structure in Salesforce, implementing best practices and restructuring data fields and relationships to enhance data integrity and accessibility.
Configured validation rules, field-level validations, and data dependencies, resulting in improved data quality and reliable reporting.
Orchestrated the implementation of numerous automations in Salesforce to enhance data consistency across different objects.
Orchestrated the deprecation of outdated functionality, conducting an extensive assessment of legacy features and their compatibility with current system requirements.
Proactively identified areas for improvement in user requirements through comprehensive AS-IS process analysis. Successfully debugged and resolved multiple issues brought forward by users.

– Nubessom streamlined deal and contract management by implementing multiple terms and conditions options based on product and business logic.

-We aligned the business logic of output documents in both systems, ensuring consistent and accurate information across offers and contracts.

-Led the reworking and optimization of deal approval processes.

Business value

Tool creation to increase campaign effectiveness, conversion rates, and ROI by improving targeting strategies.

Reduced response time in cross-sales process by implementing team notifications.

Improved team collaboration and reward system in the cross-sales process.

Reduced the time required for case resolution and optimized employee engagement costs in Salesforce by implementing Einstein Chat Bots.

Increased the number of self-solved cases by enabling access to partner knowledge through the sharing of existing cases in Salesforce. 

Enhanced user engagement by leveraging behaviour analysis tools to improve the user experience (UX)

Salesforce solutions we used

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Community Cloud

Einstein Chat Bots


Record and schedule triggered process automation

Screen flows for implementing guided processes

Data quality improvement

Existing code base updates

Salesforce Support Chat implementation (Einstein bots)

Complex Lightning Web Components for Community

Dynamic record sharing system based on the junction object trigger

Activity Tracking system (opened pages, button clicks, mapped data from URL parameters)


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