5 Signs Your business Needs a CRM

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Probably all of us has been there at least once. At the begining, it is enough to use Excel spreadsheets or write brief information about customers and orders in notebooks. But as the company growth, being well organised becomes a key success factor, and with growth there is more data, and with more data the need of an efficient CRM solution is inevitable. 

Here are 5 signs that your organisation urgently needs a CRM to improve business performance and start managing relationships with customers more effectively:

1. No single source data

Storing customer, deal and order information on multiple media, such as spreadsheets or notebooks, complicates the work of sales team. Thus, these fragmented data prevents the formation of a unified image of the client and history of interactions with him.

2. Lack of transparency

Not only can you not keep track of how the relationship between your customers and employees is going, but you also can’t get a clear picture of how sales reps are performing. All this makes it difficult for sales team to succeed in their work and ensure their accountability.

3. Complex and fragmented reporting

The preparation of regular reports and analyses around sales team activity, performance and measurement against set targets and KPIs is an ideal tool for management. However, the development of reports is extremely difficult and often does not allow monitoring performance, but not with Salesforce CRM and embedded BI tools, that helps you to quickly build an in-depth analytics with no code involved. 

4. Low sales team mobility

Imagine that your sales representative is going to meet with potential customers to discuss cooperation opportunities and acquire valuable information. However, the information obtained often lost or simply forgotten right after the meeting. Sales reps. do not bother input business critical information to centralised system, unless they can use CRM application right on their mobile and make required notes as they spoke with the client. 

5. Not keeping up with the changes

What do you do if the number of your customers start to grow exponentially? Will you be able to adopt to a current work load and new more demanding processes accordingly? 
Increase in productivity and velocity of its operations is the most common problem business facing with company growth? But there is no need to be discouraged because these are the issues that Salesforce CRM can solve easily.

So there you have it, 5 signals your organisation needs a CRM. Having an effective CRM strategy for your business is not easy, but once you start working on it you will be able to start growing even more than you could have imagined. 

Having a trusted and experience CRM partner is another key important factor to stay ahead of the market trends. Nubessom has been Salesforce official partners for nearly a decade now, working with companies around the world and helping them boost their business performance and achieve desired progress. Salesforce is the most powerful CRM tool you will find currently in the market for companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Enterprise level companies. 

If you have any challenges, get in touch here or just send as an email or social network message, so we can address your pain points.

About the Author
Kanan Gafarov, CEO @ Nubessom

Kanan Gafarov, CEO @ Nubessom

Kanan is an active member in the Salesforce Community for more than 10 years. One of his many passions is helping companies around the world boost their performance with cloud CRM solutions. Together with Nubessom, they are Salesforce ISV Official Partners since 2013.

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