Design Tokens for Experience Builder Sites

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about designing Tokens for Experience builder,  how to create your custom Tokens and make custom design tokens available for Experience builder sites. 

What is Standard Design Tokens for Experience Builder Sites?

Standard Design Tokens are used to make your LWC (Lightning Web Components) compatible with the Theme panel in Experience Builder. The Theme panel gives administrators the ability to quickly and easily style an entire site using these properties. Each property in the Theme panel maps one or more standard design tokens. To get the complete list of standard design tokens please visit:

This is how it looks a theme panel with Standard Design Tokens properties:

When an administrator updates the property in the Theme panel, the system automatically updates any LWC components that use the tokens associated with the branding property.

This is how it looks before the update:

This is how it looks after the update:

Code sample:

What is Custom Design Tokens for Experience Builder Sites?

Standard Design tokens have a limited number of properties and may not fully cover your styling requirements. In these cases, you can create your own design tokens and use them in Experience Builder Sites.

How to create Custom Design tokens:

Apply changes

To apply changes on design token properties you need to publish your Experience Builder site.

How to make design tokens available for Experience builder Sites?

To make design tokens available for use in Experience Builder they should be extended from forceCommunity:base:

Example of Custom Design Tokens

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Ruslan Zvezdilin, Salesforce Developer @ Nubessom

Ruslan is one of our experts focus on Apex and LWC (Lightning Web Component). He is very passionate and always eager to learn something new.

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