How to increase productivity with your CRM?

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “It would be nice to have more than 24 hours a day.”

This is especially true in the world of sales, where time is literally measured in money. The more effectively you use your time, the better your results will be in the graph showing the total amount of sales. 

Small businesses are growing faster, constantly opening the way for new potential customers, increasing the time spent on sales, and providing sales representatives with all the information they need to quickly close deals. A CRM solution is a perfect tool for this and it will boost your business performance and help you with:

Customer 360° view and Pipeline

It is very challenging for small businesses to quickly grow their customer base and maintain traction of all potential and existing client interactions.

A robust CRM solution gives you a clear 360° visibility of your clients, their associated opportunities and revenue pipeline. This way you can measure your business performance results against targets and KPIs, personalise your client communication, which will also create customer loyalty and will lead to securing sales. 

Time spent on sales optmised

With all pre-sales activities, endless customer communication, demos and sales pitches followed by multi stage sales process, sales reps. Simply doesn’t have time luxury and have to respect tough deadlines to meet company’s sales objectives. While many of the “time traps” faced by sales team are difficult to overcome, some of them are easy to avoid:

One of the most difficult processes for sales team is the exhausting exchange of information internally between peer colleagues and other departments involved, as well as with other external parties involved. Despite that, surprisingly, very few sales reps use smartphones and tablets in their daily work. 

Switching to mobile devices can speed up the exchange of information while minimising time loss.

The automation of regularly repetitive processes and actions allows sales reps to concentrate on closing more deals and always stay connected with the clients when required. Providing a single channel for sales representatives to share and communicate information allows you to get rid of endless e-mail threads and fragmented interaction history.

More intelligent systems

Companies that take advantage of the opportunities created by artificial intelligence technologies are able to provide modern service that customers appreciate. 
For the first time in history, commercial enterprises can easily use smart analytical tool. It also leads to fundamental changes in their approach to customer relations. Artificial Intelligence helps these leading companies identify important information about customers and their preference, predict the best measures to develop customer relationships, as well as recommend next best actions that can increase sales productivity and implement those measures in an automated manner.

Having a trusted CRM partner is a key factor to navigate you through your first technology adoption steps. Here is where Nubessom can help your organisation, providing a first class Salesforce Consultancy service and work alongside to build your CRM strategy, boost productivity, increase business and financial performance.

Lets talk about your challenge, get in touch here and we will start working right away!

About the Author
Kanan Gafarov, CEO @ Nubessom

Kanan Gafarov, CEO @ Nubessom

Kanan is an active member in the Salesforce Community for more than 10 years. One of his many passions is helping companies around the world boost their performance with cloud CRM solutions. Together with Nubessom, they are Salesforce Official Partners since 2013.

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